How Outland Became

Before Outland became what it is today, I owned a Landscaping Company for 17 years. So with that  job I was always moving and stayed in pretty good shape during the summer, but come winter things slowed down and I needed to do a bit more. So I went to the gym, just a regular commercial gym, worked on things as best I knew how, learned a bunch from my friend Jeff who knew way more then I did. This went on in the pattern for a few year, summer landscape, winter gym.

Then one Fall I was in town for some work and call up Jeff to hit the gym, and instead of the regular gym he brought me to this Crossfit gym he was going to.  

I still remember the workout, strict press for a strength and 21-15-9 deadlifts and pull ups. After all I could think was “I need to bring this to Altona”. 

I had to learn this stuff first, so i started to go to Crossfit Niverville at the time (now Shopgym). The place was great, the people were great, the workouts were so much fun and my Coach Crystal was great, she taught me so much. 

I eventually built a home gym in my barn at home, working out on my own everyday and loving it.

From there Sarah my wife was my first client, then came a few more, I was so obsessed with movement and getting people moving that I decided to make a go at it. If you love something so much, why not make a business out of it!

I went and become an L1 trainer, then a L2 trainer, and the certifications just kept coming. I just couldn’t stop learning, which is funny if you know me, you would know school was not my thing at all, but I love this.

Once i was ready we opened a small gym in the industrial side of Altona. 600Sqft was small, but the most amazing thing. Things grew, we knocked a wall down and got another 1200 sqft, and a new rig!! We stayed there for about 2 years, then moved to the neighbouring building. Starting at 2500sqft, and now we house the whole thing at 4300sqft… With multiple programs now running out of Outland, a staff that makes it all possible and me still doing what i love, helping people. Outland has become a place where people love to be!

Never would I have thought that this is where I would be now, and impacting the amount of lives we do on a daily basis.

I am not your regular story of how maybe someone would come to owning and running a gym, I started in my 30’s, definitely didn’t follow the regular path, and now at 40 I am still learning, still growing and will continue to help my community grow with stronger and healthier people!

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