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Our Founder

Founder of Outland Health&Fitness


Hey Everyone, my name is Dan.

My fitness journey started in 2011 after my first daughter was born. My fitness experience was much like many others, working out at the local gym following a daily routine of lifting weights. After a while, I got bored and sick of working out by myself. In 2013 I visited a CrossFit box with a friend, and that was it, I was hooked! Never before had I thought about the importance of functional movements, and how vital it was to my everyday living.

I became a CrossFit level 2 trainer in 2014 and have continued my fitness education, acquiring certification in CrossFit mobility, CrossFit gymnastics, Level 1 Agatsu Kettlebell, and have been training in Olympic Weightlifting since 2013.

I am truly passionate about quality movement patterns. I love teaching others, all ages, how to move properly and get stronger for their every day living. There is no quick fix for health and wellness. It is a life-long journey. Everyone has their own “why” in the fitness world. I want to help others discover that “why”, and I want to help them get there.


Our Professional Coaches

Coach Outland Health&Fitness


Hi! I'm Coach Matt. I have always been an active person. Once I was done university I wanted more out of my workouts and needed some guidance, that is when I found Crossfit Outland. August 21, 2017 was my first workout and I was hooked instantly. The world of health and wellness quickly became a passion of mine, seeing people build confidence in their abilities and achieve goals they never thought possible is life changing.

In March of 2019, I complete my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer course and start coaching shortly after, since then I have completed multiple other courses as I strive to become the best coach, mentor, and athlete I can.

Coach at Outland Health & Fitness


Hey Everyone! I'm Cindy! I was born and raised in a small eastern Manitoba town before moving to Altona 22 years ago. I was drawn into many activities including sports and at age 3 I started gymnastics with the Pinawa Gymnastics Club. I became a junior coach there completing my Level 1 Theory and Technical Gymnastics certifications. I joined the Altona Recreational Gymnastics program as a coach in 2008 and in 2016/2017 was excited to start up Outland Gymnastics.

In 2015 I was excited to hear about Country Strong Functional Fitness. I didn’t know anything about functional fitness but I was up for a new challenge! I have now been a member of Outland for more than 5 years and have seen my body and mind transform into something so much stronger than I thought could have ever been possible! The encouragement , support and motivation you receive at Outland has pushed me to achieve goals I never thought were a reality. In May 2018 I completed
the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer course. I am very excited to embrace this new coaching challenge to help others achieve their fitness goals with the same encouragement , support and motivation shown to all Outland members. This new obsession I have found has very definite ties to my passion for gymnastics both through
competition and “athletic” self discovery. I feel extremely honored to be able to share my passion for gymnastics and Crossfit with the people of the community through Outland. Motivating others and seeing individuals of all ages succeed is what drives me to be the very best coach and trainer that I can! I am excited and determined to grow as a coach as we take on this journey together!

Coach at Outland Health & Fitness


Hey everyone! My name is Dominique Wiebe, born and raised in Altona. Married to Martin Wiebe and a dog mom to an adorable 4lbs maltese/yorkie named Lucy. I was someone who never made my fitness a priority. I tried different ways to be more active, but could never commit to anything. In December 2017 I thought I would give Outland a try! Didn't take long until I was hooked!

I love having a group environment that keeps me accountable, A coach that pushes me to things I never thought was possible! This place has opened my eyes to a whole new me and helped me conquer goals I didn’t know I had. I’m so excited to be a part of the Outland Team and look forward to this next journey!

Bryce Gilbert

Hello Team Outland! My name is Bryce Gilbert. I have a background and passion for building strength, functional muscle, and an overall healthier lifestyle. I look forward to being part of the community and hope to bring the same knowledge and skills that you've come to expect from Outland. Can't wait to meet everyone!